Christmas is 2 months away. Hey! Don’t shoot the messenger!

Christmas is 2 months away (thanks Rebecca and Tee) and I haven’t gotten a thing, in fact its going to be down right tight this year since hubby was unemployed for 7 months. I have been scouring the web to find things to make that are easy on the budget and neat. In the next month I will be sharing the decorations and gift ideas that I find, including gift-in-a-jar mixes.

The chocolate hats above can be made using marshmallows, oreo cookies and melted chocolate.


Hand made glitter ornaments are fun to make. This one is different because it uses future floor wax. Here is the link:


I thought these Mason jar Christmas scenes were really cool and unique. You can learn how to make them here:



And how about ornaments that you can create patterns with using puff paint, and then spray paint? Here is the link:


Twig ornaments, pine cone wreaths and some really neat stuff! Here is the link:


Make new ornaments look vintage with the help of nail polish remover. Who knew? Here is the link:


These pine cone picture ornaments are warm and nostalgic. Here is the link:

Mini ornaments that are toddler friendly. Here is the link:


50 do-it-yourself felt ornaments, the link is here:


These may be the first I try. I have a million ideas for them.


Speaking of ball type ornaments, here is a link to learn how to etch your own. It’s really not that hard:


Do-it-yourself cupcake style tree ornaments:


How about this? Ornaments from juice can tops, a recyclers dream!


Make your own ribbon trees:


Winter willow wreath:


Santa on your fire-place mantle!


Jingle Bells shadow box, very cute!


Super simple Christmas card idea:


Invisible Christmas tree. Yes, it got my curiosity peaked too!


Glass lanterns, I’ve done this before but I used mason jars and decorated the lids:


And what home wouldn’t look great with a monogram wreath?


How about dollar store fruit, some glue and glitter? Would look great on a table in a crystal bowl. (Pintrest)


Give your baked goods a special touch:


Puzzle piece ornaments. Kids might like these:


Christmas crafts for kids:


Mini Tree Santa’s like my mother-in-law used to make:


Go-it-yourself candy recipes :

This will get you started I’m sure. Come back often as i will be posting more ideas as we get closer to Christmas. Have a great day!

One thought on “Christmas is 2 months away. Hey! Don’t shoot the messenger!

  1. Becca October 29, 2012 at 1:16 pm Reply

    Love these ideas DJ! I see a lot I will be trying with my boys.

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